Christina Anstead Reveals the Hot New Trend Hiding in Her Son’s Nursery


“Christina on the Coast” star Christina Anstead always works hard on her home renovations, but when she teams up with her personal trainers to renovate their kitchen, she might really break a sweat!

In the latest episode, “A Kitchen and a Baby,” Anstead is in her second trimester of pregnancy—and isn’t feeling great. So, it’s a good thing she has a fellow pregnant friend to bond with: her personal trainer, Stevie. Stevie and her husband, Matt, are hoping to give their kitchen a refresh before their baby comes. And they’re hoping for some help with their soon-to-be nursery.

But Matt and Stevie have a tight budget for their kitchen renovation—and they have very different ideas about how they want their home to look.

Can Anstead stay on budget as she searches for a compromise both of her clients will be happy with? Read on to find out which style she picks, plus learn all about the adorable nursery trend Anstead loves.

A backsplash can incorporate more than one style

Christina Anstead chooses a backsplash that both Stevie and Matt would like.


While Stevie is set on a boho style in their new kitchen, Matt isn’t so sure about the look. He’s leaning toward a clean, modern kitchen. While she loves color, he’s rooting for a white and stainless-steel design.

Anstead ends up getting these two to agree on white Shaker cabinets and gray countertops right away, but it’s the backsplash that has them stuck.

Anstead brings them three backsplashes: a modern black tile for Matt, a blue tile for Stevie, and a fun gray tile as a compromise. Anstead’s tactic works, and the two decide the gray tile will work for both of them. The look isn’t exactly boho or modern, but it’s a beautiful mix of both.

A big kitchen cries out for a big island

kitchen island
This island is perfect for a large kitchen.


When Anstead first sees Stevie and Matt’s kitchen, Stevie complains that the space is just too big. A large kitchen isn’t a problem many homeowners complain about, but Anstead understands where Stevie is coming from. When someone is cooking in the kitchen, they’re far from the dining room table, which makes conversation difficult.

Anstead knows that an island would solve this problem.

So, she puts in an island with plenty of seating, immediately transforming the space. The kitchen and dining area no longer feel like two different rooms. Now, family and friends can hang out at the island and everything feels much more connected.

Pass on ceiling fans for a pretty chandelier

This light fixture was the right choice.


At first, Matt is intent on installing a ceiling fan. But Anstead explains that ceiling fans are outdated these days, and suggests a chandelier instead.

Matt concedes, so Anstead orders a gorgeous, modern black chandelier. Once it’s installed, even Matt has to admit it’s stunning and really brings the look together.

A barn door saves space

barn door
A sliding barn door is stylish, and it saves space!


Anstead wants to reconfigure the kitchen to save space. One of her space-saving ideas is to put in a barn door for the pantry. The sliding door will save space, ensuring the swinging door from the fridge won’t run into the pantry door.

It’s a great idea that plays out nicely. The barn door gives the kitchen a bit of a rustic feel, which works well against the clean white lines of the cabinets and counters. This practical choice adds a little more personality to the space, making it a perfect addition.

Use up extra space for storage

Why not add some storage where you can?


Stevie and Matt are lucky to have so much space for their kitchen and dining room, but a lot of their space isn’t being used. For example, they have a lot of room on the wall next to their dining room table, and it looks bare.

So, Anstead decides to up the functionality of the dining room and put in some storage. She installs some white cabinets, which match the kitchen perfectly, giving this kitchen/dining room duo great flow. Plus, the floating shelves she picks are perfect for displaying cute baby pictures.

A reclaimed wood accent works great in a nursery

reclaimed wood
A little reclaimed wood gives this room a whole different feel.


While Stevie and Matt need to refresh their kitchen, they’re also hoping to have some money in the budget to update their soon-to-be nursery.

On a tight budget, Anstead can’t do anything big, but then Stevie mentions how much she loves Anstead’s son’s room, with its reclaimed wood accent. It turns out, this is one of Anstead’s favorite nursery trends—and Anstead now knows just what to do: She inserts reclaimed wood in this nursery, too, giving the room a rustic feel.

She finishes it with a light-up “C” for baby Cooper. It looks like this room is baby-ready!

Is Anstead’s renovation up to snuff?

Anstead is given a tight $35,000 budget for this kitchen and nursery renovation, so it’s important that nothing goes wrong.

In fact, when they run into some electrical problems, Matt offers contractor Izzy Battres some personal training in exchange for the extra work. Matt and Stevie are serious: This budget has no wiggle room.

Still, Anstead is able to pull off the renovation right on budget and, of course, Stevie and Matt are thrilled with her work. The kitchen looks amazing, and the nursery is adorable.

It looks like Anstead is ready for her next project!

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